All blocks (cast or aluminum) are disassembled, all oil galley plugs, cam bearings & freeze plugs are removed, blocks are then chemically cleaned, visually inspected, magnifluxed (as applicable) to check for cracks, all bolt holes & threads checked & tended to, bore checked for size & straightness, decks checked for straightness & flaws. Machine work done expertly onsite to include-  cylinder boring & honing with or without torque plates, main cap conversions, decking, 0 decking, squaring,line boring & sleeve installation.
All cylinder heads (cast or aluminum) are disassembled, chemically cleaned , visually inspected, magnifluxed (as applicable) to check for cracks. Machine work done expertly onsite include- valve guide & valve seat replacement, precision Serdi multi-angle valve jobs, port work, vacuum testing, larger valve installations, screw in studs or other pedestal mods, resurfacing, broken bolt removal & thread repairs, valve heights & spring pressures checked.
Crankshaft inspection & polishing
Connecting Rod R&R, inspection,honing & installation of new ARP bolts & nuts
Precision balance work
Flywheel Resurfacing
Press work
We also have the only onsite, state of the art 2500 H/P capable SUPERFLOW ENGINE DYNO (SF902) testing facility for miles around!!! An awesome tuning tool for YOUR custom engine build!
Whether you are after a turn key build, a complete rebuild,  machine work or  parts, Jeff's 40+ years of experience will give you the guidance you need to make the best choices  to insure  the utmost performance for your buck.
Call Jeff at (307)587-6766 to discuss your project today!!
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